Bukhatir League Final 2022: Colatta Chocolates beat Karwan Cricket Club by 137 points

Everyone who followed contributed helpful scores. Hari Prasanth fell 126 for 3 in 17 overs against Babar Iqbal for 36. This was followed by a winning partnership of 133 for the fourth wicket between Nikhil Srinivasan and Taimoor Ali. Qamar Awan ended Nikhil Srinivasan’s beautiful shot of 65 from 69 with six limits.

Taimoor Ali, who was on the rise, found another partner in Laxman Sreekumar. They made it three runs shy of the 300 run mark when Laxman was beaten by Salman Saleem for 22. The contribution from the other batsmen continued when Intizaar Ali too hit 20 runs before running out.

Although Shyam Ramesh was caught by wicketkeeper Furqan Khalil wide of Saif Ghauri for a duck, Gopakumar Gopalakrishnan participated with 14 points before being run out. The consistent Krishna Chandran who came out late at bat couldn’t face a ball, but with Taimoor Ali returned to the dugout after posting a mammoth 383 for 8 in 50 overs. It was nothing but a show of combined efforts from all the drummers.

It was now up to the bowlers of Colatta Chocolates to prove their mettle when Karwan Cricket Club began their pursuit. Karwan Cricket Club looked set for a big fight even though fly-half Furqan Khalil fell early to Manpreet Singh for 14. Rameez Shahzad and Moazam Hayat ignited hopes with a 76-run partnership. Shahzad was in full swing and looked set for his half century when at 45 he got Intizaar Ali’s front leg pinched.

Next man Qamar Awan was unable to play long innings and fell to Nikhil Laxman for 14. When Shyam Ramesh beat Ali Khan for 20, Karwan Cricket Club slipped to 183 for 4 in 29.2 overs.

Their hopes of victory began to fade when Shyam Ramesh missed flyhalf Moazam Hayat for 71 from 96 with just two limits. When Ameer Hamza fell to Shyam Ramesh in the 36th, the pressure started to mount.

Scoring 224, Muhammad Waqas also found himself on Muhammad Zeeshan’s pitch for 6. Shyam Ramesh made it harder by bowling clean Saif Ghauri for 8. Sunny Azam became the third batsman to get smashed by Intizaar Ali for 8. Skipper Babar Iqbal, who was injured, did not bat out and Karwan Cricket Club were limited to 246 for 9 in 44.4 overs.

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