Did the Washington football team accidentally put their hand up on the new name? | Professional sport

Will it be the commanders? Or is it a trick designed to lead fans in the wrong direction?

That is the question on Friday after the Washington football team left part of their name revealed uncensored on a team-produced TV show.

Washington announced on Tuesday that it would reveal its new name on 2/22/22, February 2, on NBC’s Today program.

The announcement was accompanied by a video of the team explaining what happened in the process and what they want the new name to represent.

In one scene, team president Jason Wright talks about potential options with coach Ron Rivera, but the papers in front of him are unclear.

Screenshot of Washington’s “Making the Brand” video.

However, the team re-broadcast the video on Thursday’s episode of its cable television program, “Washington Football Today,” on NBC Sports Washington.

During this video, the paperwork was not blurred and a potential “Commanders” logo and seal can be clearly seen.

Washington football today

Screenshot from Thursday’s episode of “Washington Football Today”.

Internet sleuths also noticed something during the original video, when Rivera was presented with a design for a new helmet.

Make the mark

Screenshot of the team’s “Making the Brand” video.

The reflection in the window appears to show an uncensored look at the helmet, with the same stylized “W” that appeared on Wright’s papers.

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