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Trying to clarify the mystery Don Best-BetCRIS

A personalized Don Best screen
Another version of the Don Best screeni8i

Since about the MLB All-Star break, there has been a mismatch between the real-time sports betting odds aggregator Don Best, the primary ‘screen’ used by professional bettors around the world, and BetCRIS (Costa Rica International Sports), a sports betting site serving Latin America that is known for establishing market lines in American sports and leagues. In particular, they are in most cases the first to post NFL lines on the Sunday night before next week’s game list, and sports betting around the world usually follows or gravitates towards that number.

A variety of theories abounded, but few know exactly what’s going on except that the CRIS numbers have, with a few exceptions, remained empty columns for subscribers to premium and non-premium tools. It has created wonder and dismay as newer and decades-old users prepare for the football season.

After sniffing a bit, I think I have at least a knee-deep understanding of what’s going on and what can happen. Here we go:

BetCRIS is aimed at professional bettors or, better yet, all comers – and with high limits (a stark contrast to most of the leading US sportsbooks in the market). Don Best and CRIS have a long-standing exclusive agreement that puts CRIS real-time ratings on Don Best screens, helping to facilitate a lot of action for CRIS.

Around the MLB All-Star break, CRIS began implementing software / tech upgrades, which coincided with when CRIS started taking time off the Don Best screen.

“It’s 50/50 that they’re going to come back online,” speculated an industry source in late July. “I think it’s CRIS that withholds the information. And I think CRIS is spitting out here. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want sharps playing on them to have this information.

Don Best, according to multiple sources, has taken a dip in reliability and customer service since Scientific Games bought the company in October 2018. Several key executives left the group over the next two years. In June, SciGames, under new management, announced its intention to sell its sports activities, either through a sale, IPO or merger with a dedicated acquisition company ( SPAC). Don Best and Scientific Games did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

A high-level source familiar with BetCRIS operations said what started in mid-July is purely a technical matter, the result of system-wide updates that caused unexpected problems, and is expected to be resolved soon.

Don Best and CRIS exclusivity is over now that Don Best is for sale, sources said, as CRIS somehow tries to make a foray into the U.S. market. The company has already made symbolic strides in 2020 through relationships with MLB and NFL, becoming the NFL’s official betting partner in Latin America. At the time of the NFL-CRIS announcement, CEO JD Duarte said in a statement:

“We are excited to become the first official NFL sports betting partner in Latin America, and we look forward to further improving the experience for our users. This represents the culmination of years of work to make Betcris a household name in Latin America. With this partnership, Betcris now enjoys a great competitive advantage which serves our long term objectives well. The NFL has proven to be an ideal partner throughout this process and we look forward to working together. “

While BetCRIS stopped accepting bets from US customers in 2007, some of its customers migrated to the US-oriented sites – separate entities – in Bookmaker and Sports411.

David Purdum reported in September 2020 that Duarte had told ESPN a few months earlier that his company had ambitions to enter the regulated sports betting market in the United States. Apparently we are getting closer to that time. It’s unclear if there’s an ongoing demand, if CRIS could serve as an odds or risk management partner for another sportsbook, or what.

Many industry sources believe that CRIS is working with another ‘screen’ similar to the one provided by Don Best and, as part of the technology / software upgrade process, will eliminate or reduce the ability of some people to ‘scratch’ »His information.

“A good screen with always valid information will be a game-changer,” a source said. “Assuming they are not being manipulated, they are a valuable source.”

In the past, Don Best charged $ 500 / month for access to their premium product and also charged some sports betting, just to be logged into the screen.

Taking everything together, while it’s not exactly clear from the outside how the pieces fit together, these things seem to be true:

(1) There are some inconveniences between Don Best and CRIS.

(2) CRIS is poised to make or attempt to foray into legal and regulated jurisdictions in the United States, whether authorized by itself or in association with such an entity.

(3) CRIS will likely be available in real time on certain new screens that will compete with Don Best, or become non-exclusive with more than a couple of these providers;

(4) By the time the NFL regular season kicks off on September 9, CRIS numbers will once again be available on Don Best.

To be continued.

The best stories of the week around our network

In legislation and regulations:

Wyoming and South Dakota approve rules for sports gambling

North Carolina Sports Betting Bill Gets Hearing Wednesday

Fixed odds bets promulgated by Governor of NJ Murphy

Commercial edition:

Penn National wins in major North American betting move

The Emperor’s New Clothes: How High is the Ceiling for Caesars New Sports Bets?

Genius Sports and DraftKings deal have broad implications for rates on official NFL data

DraftKings Raises Revenue Forecast for 2021, Nears Internal Rating Platform Completion

Sports betting exchange company Sporttrade to arrive in Colorado in 2022

Illinois Reports Huge Sports Betting Revenue of $ 47.5 Million in June

Genius Sports becomes the official data provider for the British Columbia Lottery

Caesars Sportsbook’s $ 5,000 ‘Risk Free’ Bonus Offer Is Fit for a King

On and around the playing field:

Sharks’ Evander Kane denies allegations of “pitching” NHL games

Evander Kane case shows urgent need to change sports betting rules for athletes

DraftKings Gets Board Approval for Sportsbook Adjacent to Wrigley Field

Ch icago casino tender deadline extended

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Friday extended the deadline for submitting tenders for a downtown casino by more than two months, until October 29. time to do your due diligence, create more competitive offerings and, perhaps more importantly, explore funding opportunities given the cost of operating a casino in the third largest city in the States -United.

“The historic casino project is expected to increase the economic vibrancy and strength of our city by providing sustainable, well-paying jobs to residents from under-represented backgrounds and by creating a world-class casino complex that attracts visitors from all over.” Lightfoot said in a statement. “Extending the deadline for interested bidders will allow the city to garner as many strong, impactful and transformative proposals as possible. “

The city was granted one of six permits to build a new casino under the Gaming Expansion Bill that Governor JB Pritzker enacted in June 2019 that also legalized sports betting in Illinois. So far, more news has been made on who is not among the bidders, with both MGM Resorts saying it will likely pass in April and Caesars Entertainment CEO Tom Reeg expressing “no interest” in bidding during his earnings conference call Tuesday.

– Chris Altruda

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