George Pickens NFL Draft profile 2022: Scouting report, Fantasy Football team tweaks, Dynasty outlook, more

The 2022 NFL Draft class is full of skill position players with sky-high ceilings and basement floors, but there may be no one who fits that description better than wide receiver George. Pickens.

Pickens’ advantage is evident in his highlight reel. The lanky speedster consistently makes the kinds of plays that offensive coordinators and quarterbacks dream of. His size and speed combine to make him a deadly threat on the field and in the red zone. The fact that he produced so immediately at 19 in the SEC shows you how special he has always been as a prospect.

Pickens’ soil appears in everything else. That long frame shows the potential to get bigger, but as it stands, it might not be strong enough to fight corners or NFL safeties. And that 19-year-old season was the best of Pickens’ college career. The fact that he recovered from a torn ACL in time to play four games in 2021 is impressive, but he also hasn’t produced as the same player afterwards.

Pickens’ profile and upside might be enough for a team to reach the first round for him, but don’t think that means he’s suddenly become a safe prospect. At the same time, if he somehow falls in Round 3, don’t let that put you off about his advantage.

Age at week 1: 21 | Height: 6-3 | Mass: 195 | 40 times: 4.47

Body type comparable to: Robby Anderson with longer arms

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Best Fantasy Adjustments

Green Bay Packers

If all went well, Pickens could absolutely be a true No. 1 wide receiver, and there are few opportunities available for that type of receiver better than Green Bay. If the Packers make him their first wide receiver drafted, I would expect Pickens to beat Sammy Watkins and Allen Lazard to be Aaron Rodgers’ No. 1 option.

Atlanta Falcons

Pickens and Kyle Pitts would have the potential to be one of the most dangerous duos in the league. The quarterback’s play would be cause for concern, at least early in his career, but it’s likely Pickens will need time to develop anyway.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are near the top of every wide receiver’s wish list, at least when it comes to their fantasy value. In the short term, Pickens would benefit from the attention Travis Kelce and JuJu Smith-Schuster would attract. In the long run, he would have the potential to become Patrick Mahomes’ No. 1 target.

Dynasty Prospects

Pickens has the long-term advantage of a top-12 Dynasty and a redesigned wide receiver, but I expect him to debut much later than that. If drafted in the first round by the Chiefs or Packers, then Pickens will likely start as a borderline WR2 boom-bust in Dynasty, with a wide range of results from there. If he falls out of the first two rounds, I would expect him to come in around WR40 in Dynasty with more pros than cons. In rookie drafts, his ceiling is probably around pick eight or nine while his floor is at turn two-three.

Screening report


  • Pickens’ height/velocity combination alone gives it a throwing ability that many receivers in this class simply don’t have.
  • Its capture radius is enormous, even greater than its measurable parameters suggest.
  • His quick recovery from ACL surgery indicates a work ethic he’ll need to polish his game.
  • While his body strength needs work, his hand strength is unquestionable.


  • Pickens would disappear for long periods. He’s been held below 50 yards in half of his college games.
  • He struggles to drop out of the media coverage.
  • There’s not enough of him to box in the red zone.
  • His route and technique needs to improve if he is to win consistently as the No.1 option.
  • He has never earned better than an 18% target share in any season.

Breakdown of statistics






























Advanced Stats You Need to Know

  • 32.3% –Nearly a third of George Pickens’ total college receiving yards came in three games against Missouri, Baylor and Cincinnati.
  • 18.9% – The Pickens Dominator score on the player profiler ranks is in the 19th percentile.

NFL Comparison

Finding a perfect lineup is difficult due to Pickens’ size/speed combination and lack of production. But Robby Anderson looks good for a hold, at least. We saw Anderson as a pure deep threat early in his career and a boom-or-bust fantasy option. It gained more volume over time, but it never quite hit the ceiling it might have had. Pickens certainly has more upside than Anderson, but there’s no guarantee he’ll touch it.

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