Houstonian determined to bring the Afghan national women’s football team they coached to safety

A Houstonian, a former coach of the Afghan national women’s football team, works tirelessly to keep the players and their families safe.

Haley Carter is remarkable, but she is quick to tell you that the girls she trained in Afghanistan are the ones who deserve the title.


While this is true, the former Navy says the past four days have been long. She has worked with people around the world to keep them safe because they are targets.

“The things these women have endured over the past four days have been horrible. We have military personnel working at different gates, literally pulling them out of sewage into a canal trying to get them to safety in the airport, ”said Carter, who is a Houstonian who helped coach the Afghan national women’s football team until about two years ago. “The bond we have forged with these athletes will last forever, so these players and their families will always be part of my family.”

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She explained how people around the world have come together over the past two weeks to put the players and their families out of harm’s way.

“It was nothing short of a miracle and there was certainly a lot of coordination going on on our side, but they came under fire several times throughout the day and night. They passed. more than two days outside the airport trying to get to different gates Many of them were beaten by the Taliban at Taliban checkpoints trying to prevent individuals from going to the gates, ” Carter said.

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At 3 a.m. Tuesday morning, 75 people managed to evacuate Kabul.

The women on the team are in danger. Many still in Kabul and Carter have explained why they are targets.

“We drive social change. These women are inherently, because we empowered them and because we really pushed them to pursue it, to achieve their dreams, not to be afraid to leave their homes, not to be afraid to pursue a sport, to pursue an education. On the other hand, they inherently become a target. “


If you want to help with the athlete relocation effort, a non-profit organization in Australia helps them directly.

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