Jordan Henderson laments Liverpool’s Champions League final loss to Real Madrid

‘It’s still hard to deal with’: Jordan Henderson laments Liverpool’s Champions League final loss to Real Madrid… but insists the Reds ‘will be stronger and better next season’

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson admits another Champions League defeat to Real Madrid is hard to deal with, but thinks recent history repeating itself may not be such a bad thing.

In 2018 in Kyiv, Jurgen Klopp’s side were beaten 3-1 after two bizarre goals from Gareth Bale, but secured a sixth European Cup 12 months later with a win over Tottenham and followed up the following year with a first championship title in 30 years. years.

Henderson therefore hopes the 1-0 defeat at the Stade de France against a LaLiga side winning the competition for the 14th time can be a catalyst for something better next year.

Jordan Henderson said he was still struggling to deal with Liverpool’s Champions League final loss

“It’s still difficult now to process everything with the way the game went at the end. It’s difficult to talk about it,” said the 31-year-old, who has always led the team to a doubled Carabao-FA Cup.

“I felt like we had three or four good chances and the keeper (Thibaut Courtois) made some world class saves.

“Hopefully we can have a good break now and then use that to process this season and everything that’s happened and use that to start again next season when we come back.

“We’ve had that feeling before and reacted in the right way. I hope we can do the same again, I’m sure we will.

Henderson said the team had

Henderson said the team had “absolutely given their all” and it would take time to recover

“The mentality and character in the dressing room is exceptional and yes, we will be disappointed, and that’s difficult because we have so much time to think about it now.”

“But I can say we gave absolutely everything all season and sometimes you can’t do more than that.

“The beautiful margins of football, that’s how it is. We had a bit of luck in the national cups on penalties when we won them. Against Real and in the league, we didn’t.

“We have to deal with that and use it in the right way and use it to move forward and be stronger and better next season.”

Despite a domestic cup double, a campaign in which Liverpool played each of the 63 matches for which they were eligible and brought the Premier League title race back to the final 10 minutes of the season ended in a negative with crushing disappointments at the back. -return weekends.

Henderson added that the players will use the loss to be

Henderson added that the players will use the loss to be ‘better and stronger’ next season

But Henderson said that shouldn’t overshadow their achievements and, after delivering a positive message to the players in the dressing room in his post-match interviews, Klopp told fans to ‘book the hotel’ for the Champions League final. next year in Istanbul.

“To be fair, the manager in these situations is really good and he can see the big picture. As players it’s really difficult,’ the Liverpool captain added.

“It will take us a bit of time, but I am confident that we will use it in the right way and use it to be better and stronger.

“We have always responded in the right way and I’m sure we will again.

Henderson said that despite the defeat, Liverpool had had a season

Henderson said despite the loss Liverpool had had a ‘special’ season winning two trophies

“Hopefully when we’re on vacation and taking a break, we realize that this season has been special.

“I don’t know when was the last time we went to a final or the last game in each competition. It shows the mentality and talent of the team.

“We couldn’t give anything more and football is reduced to beautiful margins.

“It’s really difficult to stay here and be positive, but I really hope that in the next few weeks we can look back on the season, it can be positive.”

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