KC Chiefs fall to varying degrees after Ravens loss

No one really knows where to place the KC Chiefs in the pecking order of the biggest teams in the National Football League. After a shocking loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the Chiefs fell, as expected, in the NFL Power Rankings’ final round before week three. The test for voters is, how far should the Chiefs fall?

Yes, the Chiefs are 1-1 which should drop them behind a number of teams that remain undefeated, at least that’s how it should be on the surface. But the Chiefs were such big favorites at the start of the season to tame the AFC again and they’re led by some of the best players (and coaches) in the league that it’s hard to let them down after a loss.

Let’s also be honest about the state of this loss. If the Chiefs don’t spit out the fumble at the last second, we’re probably celebrating a winning field goal from Harrison Butker and we’re talking about an undefeated Chiefs side on a day like today. The Chiefs’ defense played absolutely horrible – with the exception of a few clever plays from Tyrann Mathieu – and served several offensive errors (the fumble, the INT, the snap from Creed Humphrey) and always lost by a single point on the road.

The latest NFL power rankings bring the KC Chiefs down to varying degrees.

But it’s also all sour grapes. Loss is loss and the Chiefs won several tight and ugly games last season. Most of the Chiefs Kingdom would agree and knew they deserve to fall.

Again, the question of how much arises.

At Ringer, they are the most cruel to the chiefs. They include them in their first group of teams, but Kansas City is now No.6 overall behind three AFC teams in the Bills, Browns and Ravens. It’s a steep drop off from number 2.

On another side, ESPN docked them in two places, dropping from No.1 (behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers) to No.3, which keeps them remarkably close to the top. Other teams with unbeaten records might complain, but ESPN takes a long-term view here versus a more mercurial, week-to-week, reactionary approach to the ins and outs of the regular season schedule.

NBC Sports agrees with ESPN has the Chiefs at No.3 behind the Bucs and Rams in Los Angeles, who are a sexy pick in the NFC now that they’ve released Matthew Stafford from Motor City. “The Chiefs’ defense has real issues, especially in the red zone, which can plague them in the playoffs,” writes Josh Schrock, although he admits they are the third best team in his eyes this week.

Frank Schwab of Yahoo! Sports has the Chiefs just a little lower at No. 4 – behind the Bucs, San Francisco 49ers and Rams – and has the best summary of them all. “It’s not like a loss in Baltimore is bad.” Well said, Franck.

Finally at NFL Spin Zone, Randy Gurzi puts the Chiefs at No.5 globally. Gurzi writes:

For the Chiefs, they’re now at 1-1, but they could be 2-0 or 0-2 – depending on how you look at it. Their offense is elite, but they can’t afford to make mistakes it seems as the teams go after them.

For some, they are still the best team in the AFC. Others have them as candidates among many at the conference. Either way, every NFL expert agrees that the NFC is the best conference overall, or at least the one with the best overall franchises in the league. Until someone from the AFC steps in and proves otherwise, including the Chiefs, we can’t blame them for saying so.

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