League of Legends Update 12.13: Release Date and More

League of Legends Update 12.12 is coming later this month and is set to release on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. Here’s everything we know about the patch so far!

League of Legends has had a huge amount of updates and changes since its release and Riot Games continues to introduce new tweaks and gameplay changes.

We can expect to see several new features and elements in the game, and updates are likely to further balance the overall gameplay.

Of course, there will also be bug fixes with the patch, fixing small issues that players notice throughout the gameplay cycle.

Information is limited at the time of writing, but scroll down to find out everything we know so far regarding the upcoming League of Legends update 12.12 patch notes.

League of Legends Update 12.12 Release Date

Riot Games has confirmed that Update 12.12 will be coming to League of Legends on Thursday, June 23rd 2022.

We’ll update this page as soon as we have the full patch notes.

What can we expect in the League of Legends 12.12 patch notes?

Update 12.11 brought with it a brand new champion, Bel’Veth, Empress of the Void, but patch 12.12 should be a little lighter, focusing on Snow Moon skins.

Update 12.12 is currently heading to PBE for testing ahead of its official release and as a result, we got a hint as to what will be coming when the update is released.

The following skins are coming: Snow Moon Caitlyn (1350 RP), Snow Moon Illaoi (1350 RP), Snow Moon Kayn (1350 RP) and Ashen Knight Pantheon (100 ME).

There are also balance changes to come, for game watchertargeting Katarina.

So far, here are the balance changes coming to 12.12.

League of Legends Patch 12.7 Preview: Everything You Need to Know

Katarina – Changed

Voracity (passive):

Dagger AD ratio reduced to 65% BAD from 75% BAD

Shunpo (E):

AD ratio increased from 50% AD to 40% AD

Lotus of Death (R):

Impact damage modifier increased to 28/33/38% from 25/30/35%

AP per hit ratio increased from 19% to 18%

Attack speed ratio per hit changed to +166.6% bonus AS from +80% total AS

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