Man V Fat: Weight Loss Football League helps Yorkshire men get back in shape


Too many of us know how depressing it is to hold our stomachs and think about how much we have let ourselves go over the years.

From bad habits to binge eating, from overindulgence to outright abominable diets, so many of us have gained weight without even realizing it.

When we come to put on our best suit for a wedding, we convince ourselves that it must have shrunk.

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The multiple closures – resulting in the closing of gyms and the closing of sports facilities – have either motivated people to run and transform before a return to normality, or, like many of us, have turned to dishes. take out and goodies for some sort of event while the cinemas and restaurants around us remained closed.

While they were sitting empty, our bellies were not.

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Fortunately, there are plenty of programs available for those who have struggled with their weight, but Man V Fat helps combine the competitive nature on the pitch while striving to lose weight consistently.

Since launching in 2016, Man v Fat has helped men lose almost 400,000 pounds of weight and, with many new clubs starting in 2022, that number is expected to increase further in the future.

Players score goals by losing weight, tracking their eating habits, and reaching weight loss milestones.

They can also be penalized for putting on weight and the scoring system is very focused on the element of weight loss rather than goals scored on the field.

Richard Crick, who runs the program, said: “It’s great to provide specialist and community weight loss support to Yorkshire men. During the time we ran we showed how local men can tackle their battle with fat and come out victorious, so we are excited to see how our clubs will help men reduce their waistlines and bring positive health change in 2022.. “

The Wakefield Man V Fat League launched its first ball in July and has grown steadily since.

130 kg were lost between the four six-man teams. Not So Athletico, Sporting Abeergut, Sporting Studs and Fatalanta debut at Aspire at The Park on a Friday night and have done so for the past five months consistently losing weight.

Ian Todd, Not So Athletico captain, added, “I’ve always struggled with weight for one reason or another, and the motivation to lose it never lasted long enough to make a difference.

“Since joining Man V Fat, motivation has been easy. I have new friends and teammates to support my weight loss, and not only did I lose three stones, I had fun doing it.

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“We’re always looking for more players so come join a great group of guys in the same boat as you. “

One of the biggest successes is that of Sheffield where James Shirtliff, captain of Flabletico Madrid, lost five stones.

James Shirtliff lost five stones while playing for Man V Fat

He said: “Man V Fat started out as a bet after I kept seeing the ads on Facebook and thought what I had to lose? It turns out a lot, exactly five stones in one. process that took six months.

“The picture of me in my suit was taken on my dad’s wedding day, I weighed 16 pounds. I knew I had to move weight, but had no idea how until I stumbled across Man v Fat which, allied with various other factors in my life, gave me the motivation and the impetus to do something about it.

“The team aspect of Man V Fat is a wonderful idea; teammates become friends and you are motivated not to let yourself down.

“Man V Fat was a bet that I would take up over and over again, as many men across the country and I have found it to be completely risk-free.”

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