The most inclusive Rugby World Cup ever launched

The delay means the CreatedBy capital grants program is already having an impact, with investments being made in:

  • 38 pavilions
  • 22 locker rooms
  • 18 slots
  • 23 goal posts
  • 3 kitchens
  • 10 lawnmowers
  • 4 gymnasiums
  • 102 kits and equipment packs.

These grants provide more and better opportunities for people to engage in the sport of rugby league and, in doing so, become active in welcoming and accessible environments.

In addition to CreatedBy, our £333,000 investment in Inclusive and Community Volunteering programs has helped engage new people to make a contribution to sport and the wider community.

Supported by the Community Integrated Care social care charitythe programs overcame barriers to volunteering, with the inclusive program engaging people with mental, physical and learning disabilities before, during and after the tournament.

The impact of these programs was demonstrated in the presentation of the event interim social impact reportwhich showed that 83% of inclusive volunteers said the program helped them be more independent, and 89% of community volunteers said they were motivated by making a positive difference in their communities.

Our investment will continue to have an impact during and after the Rugby World Cup, with a final impact report expected in due course.

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