What We Learned From Week 2 Of The NFL Season

If that sounds very 1994, he frankly doesn’t care.

He let the Jets swing for the fences on a potential Mahomes Lite at No.2 overall, perfectly happy to hold on to No.15 for a quarterback who made 77.4% of his passes in Alabama. And unlike every other team that drafted a quarterback in April, the Jets haven’t signed anything that looks like a threat or a veteran to challenge or support their rookie. It was Wilson’s concert on Day 1 and on Sunday one couldn’t help but wonder if the Jets should have found themselves some kind of McCown.

Wilson, Brigham Young’s gunslinger, has seen more ghosts than Sam Darnold ever dreamed of.

After Intercept # 3 – a bizarre float to the right of cornerback JC Jackson – Jones called an audible to the line and threw a beautiful rainbow at the Patriots’ Jakobi Meyers, in stride, for 24 yards.

That was the theme. This game served as a magnifying glass for two opposing polar recruits. Wilson wants to play off-script like the three-time MVP he idolized: Aaron Rodgers. His improvisation should at least make another losing season fun for the Jets. When a 315-pound Lawrence Guy rushed for a bag Wilson barely blinked. He laughed. He escaped. He kept his eyes down before throwing incomplete.

This style of play could turn out to be special.

This style could also be chewed up and spat out by the rest of the NFL

Intercept # 4 was even uglier, almost as if New England’s Devin McCourty was Wilson’s target.

Meanwhile, Jones huffed along. He threw no touchdowns and no picks completing 22 of 30 passes for 186 yards for the Patriots.

Interesting, isn’t it? During this crazy quarterback offseason, teams bent over backwards for the chance for something special. San Francisco dumped three first rounds for someone from North Dakota state who played a football game in 2020 (Trey Lance); Green Bay was doing perfectly well, being publicly embarrassed by his disgruntled MVP for six months (Rodgers); Indianapolis was ready to accept Carson Wentz’s huge contract; the LA Rams unloaded two firsts, a third and Jared Goff for a 33-year-old who went 74-90-1 in his career with no playoff wins.

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