Where will the Texas A&M football team rank in the AP poll after week 7?


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The Texas A&M football team have had a season rich in history, which is best illustrated by their movement in the AP poll so far in 2021.

Texas A&M football team took care of business in their Week 7 game against Missouri in Colombia. The Aggies won the game by a convincing 21-point margin and proved their victory over Alabama was no wonder.

For Jimbo Fisher, his players, his staff and everyone involved in the program, it’s another victory. They probably won’t care how their team ranks in the coming week’s AP poll. Fortunately, I am not on the team. It’s important to me.

As for the Aggies’ 2021 season and their AP poll appearances – they’ve been everywhere. Starting in the top ten of teams and gradually sliding into the top five gave promise to most fans. The Aggies would then lose to a top-tier team from Arkansas, falling to 15th place. After that, they would lose to the State of Mississippi and withdraw from the ballot altogether.

Their victory over Alabama would put them back in the top 25, placing the Aggies in 21st place, where they resided this week.

Where will the Texas A&M football team rank in the Week 7 AP poll?

The Texas A&M football team won in a dominant fashion against a strong team from Missouri. Logic tells you that they will go up in the poll. Here’s why they could take a huge leap this week.

Before the Aggies, you’ll see a group of middle teams. A handful of teams that have had seasons up and down, much like Texas A&M. Jimbo Fisher’s side will benefit from the fact that many of these teams have had a tough week.

Florida No.20 lost, BYU No.19 lost, Arizona State No.18 lost, and Arkansas No.17 lost. This gives the Aggies at least four teams to jump in. Again, the AP poll doesn’t mean much, but Texas A&M should see a significant jump to 17th place next week.

Hopefully A&M continues to climb in the AP poll.


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