Which football team does Andrew S from Season 17 of The Bachelorette play for?


Andrew Spencer quickly established himself as a favorite on The bachelorette season 17, winning Katie Thurston as well as home viewers watching each week.

While others gave in to the drama and enjoyed stirring the pot, Andrew was on several occasions a breath of fresh air instead of pulling out his British accent to lighten the mood and bring in Katie Taco Bell. With each passing episode, Bachelor Nation gets more and more involved in Andrew’s journey and wants to learn all there is to know about the charming favorite.

While Spencer has been more than willing to open up to Katie and allow viewers to know him, there remains one question that has yet to be addressed in the series regarding his career.

Andrew S The Bachelorette Football Team

Those who have followed the season closely have heard Andrew mention a few times that he is a professional football player, but the exact team he plays for was never directly mentioned on the show. As such, many wonder what team Andrew is playing for and whether it’s an American or an international team.

Currently, Andrew Spencer is playing for the Dacia Vienna Vikings which is an American football club based in Vienna, Austria. Andrew was signed to the squad in 2019 and plays both defensive back and running back for the squad, and helps the squad win a string of Austrian titles in 2020

The Vikings are said to be one of the successful football programs in Europe with several European and Austrian titles, and Andrew is certainly a key part of the organization’s current squad.

André S cousin

Interestingly, Andrew Spencer isn’t the only athlete in his family, nor is he the first person in his family to participate. The bachelorette.

Andrew is the cousin of NFL tight end Clay Harbor, who has played for several league teams including the Philadelphia Eagles (2010-2012), Jacksonville Jaguars (2013-2015), New England Patriots (2016), Detroit Lions (2016) and New Orleans Saints (2017). Clay appeared on The bachelorette season 14, but ultimately left the series very early on and was by no means considered a favorite like his cousin Andrew.

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